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PEOPLE MOVER IN GERMANY SUBSTATION REGENERATION SYSTEM Problem: A 750Vdc people mover is required to maximize energy efficiency and avoid brake resistors heat generation in its tunnel track. Solution: A regeneration inverter in each substation that feeds the braking energy of the people mover trains [...]

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SUBURBAN LINE IN NEW ENGLAND (USA) REVERSIBLE ELECTRIC BATTERY SUPPLIED TRACTION SYSTEM Problem: A 52 ton diesel maintenance loco is not allowed to operate diesel engine in tunnels and requires to move electrically, without connecting to the third rail, as this is de-energized during maintenance. [...]

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Regional Railway in Southern Europe

REGIONAL RAILWAY IN SOUTHERN EUROPE CONVERTER WITH GALVANIC SEPARATION FOR BRAKING ENERGY RECOVERY AND SUPPLY OF PASSENGER STATION EQUIPMENT Problem: Long downhill braking energy being lost mostly in brake resistors. Solution: A regeneration system that rather than supplying back to the [...]

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Metro in Southern Europe

METRO IN SOUTHERN EUROPE POWER SUPPLY WITH GALVANIC INSULATION FOR TRAIN DEPOT Problem: a 750Vdc trains gets staged in a depot with only 1500Vdc catenary line, where no maintenance or functional verification is possible due to the missing 750V dc supply. Client was looking for a [...]

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